Los Encantados - ‘ZZZZ’

Some sleepy, ’50s doo wop; ‘Beauty School Drop Out’ turns crazed guitar-dual of a Prom night - vintage notions on pained love, expressed by vintage notions from a Brooklyn rock n’ roll band.

‘ZZZZ’ is lifted from Same Damned Soul: Chapter 3, the third EP in a series on a theme. 


Here’s ‘Ghosts’

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A Conversation With Los Encantados’ James Armstrong

(via A Conversation With Los Encantados’ James Armstrong)


Los Encantados - ZZZZ


I was doing a casual sweep, floating through the web and I came across this solid candy sweet tune from the band Los Encantados, meaning “The Enchanted” in English. I need a refreshing soda pop after this one.

I couldn’t ask for anything more… Except for this song to be longer and possibly a whole album centered around this atmosphere. <3

During a brief exchange with James Armstrong, lead singer of the band, he said that the song was probably a result of having “watched ‘Back to the Future’ a few too many times and it was me trying to faux-Michael-J-Fox, Eddie-Van-Halening over Chuck Berry.” After reading that, I felt like I went on some crazy vision quest in a 50s Ford Thunderbird with John Travolta and Olivia Newton John as my chauffeurs. Yeah, have fun with that mental imagery when you press play.

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Los Encantados: Their melodies are dreamily hook-filled and their inspirations are pure. | Read More


UNDER THE RADAR: Los Encantados - “Ghosts” 

NYC’s self defined “brotherhood band” Los Encantados plays indie rock with crooning tendencies.


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